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Class 3

Welcome to Class 3; it’s a great place to be!


In Class 3 we start the day with a Sensory Circuit or individual sensory programmes. These help us to stay alert and maintain our concentration in lessons for longer.


Each term we learn literacy skills through oral story telling. We enjoy learning to tell stories by heart and then developing them to create our own stories. We use a computer programme called Lexia to help develop our reading skills. It is very motivating and it gives us lots of incentive to work harder.


In Numeracy, we use Nuimcon to support our understanding of numbers and the number system; from developing early counting skills right up to simple multiplication. We also experience lots of numeracy through cooking and shopping


We try to go out every week and develop our outdoor learning. We enjoy participating in learning activities in local woodlands. Throughout the year we also go to the school allotment, where we prepare the soil, plant seeds and harvest the crops. We enjoy cooking our fresh produce back in school.