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"Staff are overwhelmingly supportive.  They ensure that their students receive the best possible support, which helps students to develop the confidence to do their very best so that they achieve exceptionally well"  Ofsted 2015


Headteacher:  Sean Cannon

Deputy Head:  Ruth Drewett

Senior Teacher:  Sandy Evans


Sensory Education

Teacher: Debbie Butterworth

Learning Support Assistants: Casey Argent, Helen Arnold, Donna Davis, Vicky Fairweather, Louise Johnson, Tracy McLaughlin, Kerry Morley, Maddie Paine, Tracey Yates


Class 1

Teacher: Diane Haslam, Tracey McGarel

Learning Support Assistants: Donna Davis (M), Lisa Farelly, Jo Graham, Pauline Morris, Maddie Paine, Nicola Paynter, Fay Redfearn


Class 2

Teachers:  Monika Molnar, Ruth Drewett

Learning Support Assistants: Sam Black, Kali Carter, Julie Ebanks, Karin Niven, Sharon Walton


Class 3

Teacher:  Catherine Brocklebank

Learning Support Assistants: Callum Fairclough, Donna Herlihy, Lisa Nixon, Maddie Paine, Kyla Tobin, Kerry Tobin, Trish Townsend


Lower Secondary

Teacher:  Edd Tsang

Learning Support Assistants: Jill Kewell, Shannon Allen, Teresa Hoare, Rhyan Mayes, Kath Thirsk, Rachel Tilley, Sarah-Jane Webb


Upper Secondary

Teachers: James Russell

Learning Support Assistants: Claire Gallagher, Maddie Paine, Clare Pike, Louisa Roalf, Lisa Shelton, Rae Smith, Hannah Townsend


Further Education Centre

Teachers:  Joan Hofland-Gibbs, Suzie Oostendorp, Jasmine Duke

Learning Support Assistants: Tracey Allen, Julia Barnes, Sam Barrett, Graham Harrington, Kelly Hogben, Rachel Holloway, Sam Hughes


Further Education Life Skills

Teachers:  Sandy Evans
Learning Support Assistants:  Karolyn Pitman, George Rutherford, Becky Sherman, Hayley Taylor, Amy Thorne, Glenda VIncent


Teachers: Esme Smith (maternity leave)

Community Liaison / Outreach Teacher:  Sandy Evans

Communication Lead:  Audrey Huddleston

Speech and Language Therapy Assistant:  Louisa Roalf

Family Support Practitioner:  Sharon Portsmouth

Administrative Staff:  Sarah Chambers, Gill Brooker, Meriel Tobin

Site Manager:  Dave Cass

Premises:  Sheila Rainsbury, Graham Sumner, Diane Wedge, Yelena Birch

Driver: Chris Hammond, Graham Sumner



Lunchtime Supervisors:  Jackie Fairman, Linda Cook, Joanna Hooley, Diane Wedge, Claire Meaden, Heather Young, Rebecca Sherman, Heather Talbot-Forrest, Hayley Hannington-Axam. Ellena Gilmore, Islay Evans

HC3S Staff:  Sue McCormick, Jane Eady