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Banjo Class

Welcome to Banjo Class!


Banjo Class are a busy and happy class with a wide variety of activities to provide a wide range of learning experiences for the students.


Building independence skills is really important for our children, every week we cook, go shopping, garden the allotment and learn in the community.  


As the oldest class on the school site the students are expected to take on more responsibilities and set a good example for the other children in the school.


The students in Banjo class work towards achieving their first ASDAN awards in their “Transition Challenge.”


What's been happening this Summer Term

During the first half of the Summer term we studied  a topic called The Scream Machine -a STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) based topic about roller coasters.  We looked at focusing on science, how objects move, following instructions, hypotheses and raced balloon rockets across the classroom trying to problem solve to make a rocket go the furthest and fastest.  There has also been work on gravity and the students have seen how far they can move a marble using only gravity and foam tubing.  In literacy the students have been carrying out research, looking at what makes a good advertisement and how persuasive they are.  We have watched roller coaster videos to get the feel for them which evoked some mixed responses!  The students have also been looking at The Scream by Edvard Munch - they coloured their own images and then created a combined piece of artwork.  They also made roller coaster rides and karts out of junk model boxes.


Currently we are undertaking a topic called Fun in the Sun.  This aims to help the students how to enjoy the outdoors while also keeping safe at the same time by using suncream, hydrating and wearing appropriate clothing.  They visited Boscombe Beach, enjoyed paddling in the sea and looking for a variety of different sea shore items.  Once back in class they investigated and categorised the different items that were collected and turned the information on the table into tally charts and bar graphs.


The students have also been making sausage rolls for their weekly picnics as well as making some different flavoured drinks to take with them. They've also tried their hands at tie-dying which was a great success. Students chose and created their designs, tied them up then dyed them in their colour of choice. They were amazed by the outcome.