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Oboe Class

Welcome to Oboe Class!


Oboe class is a Key Stage 3 class. We have a wide variety of needs, which are met through individual, small group, and whole class activities. We enjoy a range of learning opportunities including sensory activities, practical sessions and lessons targeted at our personal learning goals. We love being outside in the playground or in our class outdoor area. We also enjoy different activities around the school such as the sensory room and the magic carpet.


In Literacy, we develop our phonics skills to help us decode unknown words and to help us with our writing. We learn and use Makaton signs to support our speech and to enable better communication. In Numeracy, we use Numicon to support our understanding of number. We learn about fractions in a practical context and use role-play to learn about money, which develop our life skills.  We are also very good at recognising and sorting 2D and 3D shapes.


We go to the allotment most weeks and look forward to seeing all the different fruits and vegetables grow.  We enjoy trying some of the produce from the allotment and using it in our cooking. Our favourite lessons are art, music and cooking. We like getting messy and engaging in practical lessons that we can get stuck into.


In Oboe Class we believe that our learners are central to their own education. We engage in lots of sensory, messy play to develop our social interaction skills. This can involve water, sand, paint, foam and even food. The more messy the play the more fun we have!  We learn to play by ourselves, alongside others and to co-operate with turn-taking games.


What's happening this Spring Term

Dancing with Dragons!  We will be listening to a sensory story about China and a narrative retelling the story of the Chinese Zodiac.  We will be learning to name and sign the animals from the Chinese Zodiac and create Chinese dragon masks, drums and lanterns.  Chinese items will be explored and we will taste, smell and touch Chinese food and look at images related to China.  We are even bulding the Great Wall of China (using shoe-boxes of course!)  To keep ourselves fit and healthy we are learning the dragon dance. 


We are keen to participate in lots of physical exercise every day. This can be going on the trampoline, riding the bikes and go-karts or going for walks in the community. One of our favourite activities is going to the outdoor gym in our local park.  Exercise is hugely important as it helps us develop lifestyle choices and helps us to be physically active throughout our lives.


To develop our independence skills we are encouraged to dress and undress and learn about which clothes are appropriate for different weathers. We even go out in the rain, so waterproofs and wellies are essential clothing items in Oboe Class.  We cook regularly, ensuring we participate in the whole process, including washing up and clearing away afterwards.