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Oboe Class

Welcome to Oboe Class!

Oboe Class is a group of 8 pupils. We have a wide variety of individual needs, which are met through individual, small group and whole class activities. We enjoy a whole range of learning opportunities, including sensory activities, practical sessions and lessons targeted at our individual goals. We enjoy being out and about and use lots of parts of the school and local area.


Oboe Class take part in shopping, swimming, sensory stories, sports afternoons and Art amongst many other subjects. We are developing our literacy skills to help us to communicate in a meaningful way and to enjoy a wide range of books independently. We are learning about numbers and space, shape and measure. This will help us to access opportunities in the community in the future by being able to use money, read timetables and measure ingredients for cooking.  We enjoy learning about the world around us and how it affects every one of us.


Some of our favourite activities include: gardening at the Allotment; Gym Club; shopping for our own snacks; learning how to use money in real life situations. We enjoy learning how to cook healthy food safely, making our own choices and developing our independence skills.