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Oboe Class

Welcome to Oboe Class!


Oboe class is a Key Stage 3 class. We have a wide variety of needs, which are met through individual, small group, and whole class activities. We enjoy a range of learning opportunities including sensory activities, practical sessions and lessons targeted at our personal learning goals. We love being outside in the playground or in our class outdoor area. We also enjoy different activities around the school such as the sensory room and the magic carpet.


In Literacy, we develop our phonics skills to help us decode unknown words and to help us with our writing. We learn and use Makaton signs to support our speech and to enable better communication. In Numeracy, we use Numicon to support our understanding of number. We learn about fractions in a practical context and use role-play to learn about money, which develop our life skills.  We are also very good at recognising and sorting 2D and 3D shapes.


We go to the allotment most weeks and look forward to seeing all the different fruits and vegetables grow.  We enjoy trying some of the produce from the allotment and using it in our cooking. Our favourite lessons are art, music and cooking. We like getting messy and engaging in practical lessons that we can get stuck into.


What's been happening this Summer term

During the first half fo this term the students have been learning about fairgrounds through the topic The Scream Machine.  This has been a topic used for the whole of our secondary-aged students.


Each week they role-played different fairground rides in drama lessons and developed some great improvisations from queueing for the rides, buying ticketes and shouting out "Roll up, roll up for the roller-coaster ride!".  There were art and dsign lessons making moving Ferris-wheels, loop-the-loop marble runs and designing fairground rides from junk materials.


This half term, with very little help from Mother Nature, the class have been learning how to keep safe in the sun.  They are enjoying having a weekly picnic outside, making sure they have kept themselves safe by using appropriate clothing, sun cream and keeping themselves hydrated.  They have also built shade shelters, although perhaps rain shelters would have been more useful!