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Tambourine Class

Welcome to Tambourine Class!


In Tambourine Class we start the day with our morning activities; our favourite is colouring or a walk in the playground. Some of us then follow individual sensory or physio programmes. Our mornings are very busy!


Each half-term we have a sensory story based around our topic. We love finding out what happens each week and exploring props. We also enjoy sensory writing in literacy where we practise our hand-writing whilst getting messy! At the end of every day we practise our reading to an adult.


What's happening this Spring Term

In conjunction with Triangle Class, our students have been studying the topic "Land, Sea and Sky".  They will be comparing different habitats - deserts, arctic, oceans, rainforests and local habitat.  The main features of animals will be studied as well as their basic needs for life. Animals will also be researched using the internet.  For physical development the students will be using balance, agility and co-ordination through a series of "Animal Circuits"; speeds will be tested in "Cheetah Sprints", throwing skills will be improved using "Flamingo Flings" and jumping skills will be used in "Bunny Bench Hops". 

We will be creating salt dough animal sculptures; designing and making bird feeders and boxes as well as designing and making fantasy animals.