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Tambourine Class

Welcome to Tambourine Class!


In Tambourine Class we start the day with our morning activities; our favourite is colouring or a walk in the playground. Some of us then follow individual sensory or physio programmes. Our mornings are very busy!


Each half-term we have a sensory story based around our topic. We love finding out what happens each week and exploring props. We also enjoy sensory writing in literacy where we practise our hand-writing whilst getting messy! At the end of every day we practise our reading to an adult.


What's been happening this Summer Term

 During the first half of this term, the Primary-aged students have been studying the topic of "The Allotment", and the those in Tambourine class have been using vegetables to help with counting and measuring work, phonics and matching sentences to pictures   They have enjoyed smelling, tasting and observing vegetables through their sensory story and also learning about which parts of plants are eaten and where they grow.  The have helped to plant and look after different vegetables like beans and radishes while learning about healthy eating and living.  They have used broccoli and paintbrashes to make patterns and texture on a lettuce picture for Art and baked carrot and courgette muffins.  


Mexico has been this term's topic and the students have been enjoying making guacamole to try with tortilla chips (a very popular lesson).  They tried on traditional Mexican clothes and learned the steps from the Mexican hat dance.  They studied the Mexican flag which they then chalked on the playground.  


On Tuesdays they have looked forward to Dancing Miss Daisy sessions - a relaxed atmosphere where they are encouraged to express themselves through dance.  They also participated in Bikeablity week during which some pupils exceeded their own expectations by learning how to ride a bike!