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Triangle Class

Welcome to the Triangle Class!


Triangle Class is set up using the TEACCH strategy to meet the needs of pupils who require a structured style to learning.


We start the day with individual sensory programmes and My Physical outside, which help us to maintain our concentration longer.


Throughout the morning, the children take part in station rotations, where they rotate around Workstation (Target work), Group station (generalising skills through paired work) and Independent station (working on self-occupying and working independently).


In the afternoons, we learn about our fun topics through art, practical and sensory activities and a sensory story. Every Tuesday, we go ‘out and about’ in the community with Tambourine class and over the year, they will have developed their individual skills in a shop, library, allotment, café, park and woodlands. On Wednesdays, we have a focus on our physical development. On Thursdays, we have speech and language, music and RSHE.


We focus on communication skills in everything we do. We have been learning to communicate using PECs to ask for our favourite toys, food and to make comments.


Autumn Term

The class has been learning about ‘Mighty Metals’ through exploration, massage and a sensory story about the ‘Iron Man’. In a science experiment, they have explored a range of materials in a ‘tuff tray’ of baked beans to see what material is best to hold the beans. 


On Wednesdays they go to the RDA stables in St Mary Bourne where they enjoy riding on the ponies which helps develop good core strength and balance whilst learning about animal care.