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Triangle Class

Welcome to the Triangle Class!


Triangle Class is a fun place to learn! We start the day with individual sensory programmes, which help us to maintain our concentration longer. Throughout the day the children have the opportunity to work in small groups.


We focus on communication skills in everything we do. We have been learning to communicate, using PECs to ask for our favourite toys, food and to make comments. 


Each term we learn literacy skills through a big book and the children use PECS the talk about pictures from our story. We match key symbols and words to pictures from the book. Children take part in copying actions with their tongues and lips during Mr Tongue 1 and 2 stories. We also concentrate on phonics. Children start to listen and say simple phase 2 letters sounds. They also learn to recognise their own and some of their peer's names. We teach handwriting in a very sensory way, we like getting messy writing in paint, shaving foam, sand, glitter, flour and on paper.


In Numeracy we use Numicon to support our understanding of numbers. We learn through both seeing and feeling how the Numicon shapes connect with each other.


Off-site trips include simple walks to the park, gardening at the allotment, gym club, horse riding in the first autumn term / summer term and trips to the local shops/supermarkets where children can learn a variety of experiences.


All children are encouraged to be as independent as possible and to express ideas and choices confidently.

What's happening this Spring Term

In conjunction with Tambourine Class, "Land, Sea and Sky" is this term's project and a relatable sensory story will be used to develop speaking and listening.  Students will be exporing items related to the different environments - grass, sand, water etc, as well as learning about animals' habitats and features.  A 3D representation of land, sea and sky will be created using a cardboard box and animals will be made for the scene using clay.  The class display will be filled with a variety of craft made animals as well.  A daily 'land, sea, sky' massage will be undertaken and water skills will be developed in a weekly hydro pool session.