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Icknield School

Icknield School

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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!


Headteacher:  Sean Cannon

Assistant Headteachers: Paul Hoggett, Lucy Stickland & Kelly Bowen



Chimes Class

Teacher: Cerys Grainger 

Learning Support Assistants:  Helen Arnold, Beccie Sherman, Kathleen Moore, Nicki Paynter, Vicky Fairweather


Drum Class

Teacher: Emma Payn

Learning Support Assistants:  Callum Fairclough, Zara Davis, Louisa Cousins, Dimps Smith, Marian Niblett, Kerry Morley


Maracas Class

Teacher: Jazz Duke

Learning Support Assistants: Sharon Walton, Savannah Walker, Leanne Ngomoli, Kerris Tinnion, Diane Wedge, Jonathan Evans


Triangle Class

Teacher:  Lucy Stickland

Learning Support Assistants: Lisa Thirsk, Fay Redfearn, Magda Furniss, Kaylee Headdon (W-F)


Tambourine Class

Teacher:  Rachel Wragg

Learning Support Assistants: Julia Barnes, Elizabeth Solano, Rachel Holloway, Tiffany Radford, Kirsty Elliman


Oboe Class

Teacher: Kelly Bowen

Learning Support Assistants:  Kath Thirsk, Amy Thorne, Kerry Tobin, Georgia McNeill


Banjo Class

Teacher: Steph Forsyth

Learning Support Assistants: Donna Herlihy, Kyla Tobin, Kerri Cashman, Jacqui Jeffery


Trumpet Class

Teacher:  Andrew Mecrow 

Learning Support Assistants:  Lisa Nixon, Julie Jeans, Ruth Blackman, Tracy McLaughlin, Jasmin Coombs, Lisa Carlisle


Cello Class

Teacher: Monika Molnar

Learning Support Assistants: Chris Hammond, George Rutherford, Rae Smith, Kandice Davies (F)


Glasto Class (FE)

Teacher:  Paul Hoggett

Learning Support Assistants: Tatenda Kawisi, Miranda Wincott, Rhyan Mayes, Jemma Sheppard


Victorious Class (FE)

Teacher: Gemma Stafford

Learning Support Assistants: Rachel Marshall, Ashleigh Irvine, Pauline Morris, Claire Gallagher (M-W), Ali Bonam


Moving & Handling: Donna Davis & Pauline Morris

Communication: Beth Rawles

Family Support Practitioner: Sharon Portsmouth

Emotional Literacy Support Assistants (ELSA): Kerry Tobin & Miranda Wincott

Behaviour Support: Kyla Tobin



Administrative Manager: Sarah Greenwood

Senior Admin Assistants: Gill Brooker and Meriel Tobin

Admin Assistants:  Kaylee Headdon (M, Tu), Laura Searle (W, Th, F)


Site Manager:  Dave Cass

Caretaker: Graham Sumner


Transport Team: Graham Sumner, Chris Hammond, Alex Shepherd, Paul Toms, Kelly Harding, Veronica Lowe, Jo Taylor, Jo Hooley, Steve Murphy


Lunchtime Supervisors:  Jackie Fairman, Joanna Hooley, Katie Holloway (FE)

HC3S Staff:  Katie Lean 


School Nurse:  Mel Nicholls & Polly Haycocks