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Further Education

Welcome to Further Education!

The focus of your child’s time at FE is on the development of the ‘whole’ student and to prepare them for life beyond Icknield.  


In FE we build on prior learning and develop new skills in order to achieve our aims. The students will experience numerous opportunities, including cooking, housekeeping, shopping, enterprise activities, work experience, functional literacy and numeracy, drama and music,  both on-site and out in the community, to use and develop skills in the following 5 areas:



1.   Develop Personally.

2.   Develop Physically.

3.   Develop Independence.

4.   Develop Cognitively.

5.   Develop Communication skills.


During a student’s three years in FE their areas of study will fall into the following 5 focus areas:



1.   Skills for Life and Learning.

2.   Personal and Social Development.

3.   Vocational Studies.

4.   Sport, Physical Activity and Leisure.

5.   Developing Creativity and Expression.


Learning is tailored to the needs of each individual student and although students of varying abilities may be undertaking similar activities, the learning outcomes will be specific to each student’s needs. Students work towards an ASDAN accredited course to recognise and celebrate their achievements.


The core needs of every child are at the forefront of our minds when timetabling and creating learning programmes for students.


As a staff team we place the highest value on the embedded skills that our students leave us with and take into their future lives.