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Trumpet Class

Welcome to Trumpet Class!

In Trumpet Class we start the day with a physical activity such as yoga or playground. This helps us to stay alert and maintain our concentration in lessons for longer.


In Numeracy, we use Numicon and other resources to support our understanding of numbers and the number system; from developing early counting skills to multiplication and division. We use functional maths skills when we cook and go shopping too.


Reading, spelling and writing skills are taught through Phonics and Literacy lessons. We learn through a variety of methods to embed our learning; including board games, active and practical lessons, songs and written tasks. We are encouraged to work with our friends to our interaction and communication skills.


Each day after lunch we participate in either story massage or we watch Newsround. Story massage helps to settle us down after lunch so we can focus on our afternoon lessons, we also learn about consent by asking our peers if it’s okay to touch their backs. In Newsround, we discuss our favourite parts of the show and develop our understanding of the world around us and current events.


We enjoy going off-site. This year, we are going to the allotment and Tesco each week in addition to termly visits that support our topic wherever possible


Autumn Term

The students loved starting their topic “Incredible India”. In cooking, they have been making onion bhajis and  have learnt about safe cooking, especially when using knives to chop onions and being aware of hot oil when frying the bhajis.


In English, they have been reading ‘A Gift to Amma’. Some have participated in a sensory story; exploring different colours, smells and sounds mentioned in the story. 


The students have also learnt about Indian animals and worked collaboratively to create animal puzzles and then introduce the animal to the group. They then researched the animal further and created animal fact files.


A couple of our students have also made the most of the autumnal weather by going out horse riding with the RDA.