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Trumpet Class

Welcome to Trumpet Class!


In Trumpet Class we start the day with a fitness activity such as Golden Mile or Just Dance. This helps us to stay alert and maintain our concentration in lessons for longer.


In Numeracy, we use Numicon and other resources to support our understanding of numbers and the number system; from developing early counting skills to multiplication and division. We use functional maths skills when we cook, too.


Reading, spelling and writing skills are taught through phonics and literacy lessons, where we are encouraged to work with our friends as, this also develops are communication skills. We enjoy learning how to communicate effectively through reading, writing, speaking and listening.


We love creative lessons where we explore lots of different ways expressing ourselves through art. We enjoy working as a team to make new displays in our classroom to make it fun and welcoming.


We like to go out as often as we can. Throughout the year we go to the school allotment, where we prepare the soil, plant seeds and harvest our crops. We enjoy cooking our fresh produce back in school.


What's been happening this Summer Term

During the first half of the Summer Term the class immersed themselves in their Scream Machine topic. They started with some work on the famous painting ‘The Scream’ by Edvard Munch and enjoyed

creating their own versions of this amazing picture.

The students loved finding out about rollercoasters and other theme park rides, turning the classroom into a rollercoaster and having lots of fun watching some terrifying videos of the biggest and fastest rides they could find. They made their own rollercoaster pictures and used some foam tubing to create a massive marble run roller-coaster in the classroom.  The class explored centripetal force (a net force that acts on an object to keep it moving along a circular path) with buckets of water and marbles in balloons. It was really interesting finding out how this force keeps rollercoasters moving.

They made their own models of Ferris wheels using lots of junk modelling materials. It was hard work, but they persevered and were proud of the finished products.

They also enjoyed a fairground theme in maths lessons – learning how to do addition and subtraction using ring toss and ball bouncing games.


More recently the students have been studying Fun in the Sun.  They created some fantastic sun-catchers to brighten up the classroom which have been catching the rays through the windows!  The students have also been writing summer stories and enjoyed reading a story about Arnie the Armadillo, thinking carefully about the story setting, events and characters. They will be using this information to help write their own stories.  The class also started a series of science investigations into how the sun works and how it affects our world. They placed a selection of items in the sun and a matching set in the shade, left them for an hour and made predictions about what would happen—most predictions were correct!

Time was spent on why it is important to stay safe in the sun. The students learned about Wrap (putting on sunglasses and t-shirts), Splat (putting on plenty of sun-cream) and Hat (always wear a hat that has a wide brim or covers your neck).