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Cello Class

Welcome to Cello Class!

Cello Class is a very busy and happy class with a wide variety of activities to provide a wide range of learning experiences for the students.


The day starts with a form of physical exercise in the hall or at the playground to get their bodies moving and wake up their brains ready for the day. The students in Cello class thrive in physical activity such as yoga, gymnastics, party games, playground games, swimming and dodgeball.


The students work very hard on numeracy and literacy skills in the morning. In numeracy, they learn about time, money, shapes, measuring, addition/subtraction, multiplication/division, fraction and problem solving. Numicon, Dienes cubes, number lines and the 100 square are used to support their learning. The numeracy and money skills are applied by going shopping weekly for cooking ingredients. In ICT they work on typing their full name, address and creating PowerPoint fact files relating to their termly topics.


In literacy, they work on phonics, developing reading comprehension, writing and spelling skills.


Each day after lunch they watch Newsround and they discuss their favourite parts of the show and develop their understanding of the world around them and current events.


They are encouraged to work with their friends to develop interaction, communication skills and to express their feelings and opinions.


In Cello Class the students start to work towards the ASDAN accredited course to recognise and celebrate their achievements. The activities in this programme cover the statutory programmes of study for the key stage 4 national curriculum, along with activities to develop the skills required for adult living.



Independence is very important to our students. We aim to make them as independent as possible both in the classroom and in the community. Each student in Cello class has a class job that is their responsibility for the week, and they go shopping and cook simple meals every week.