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Cello Class

Welcome to Cello Class!

Cello class is a KS4 class and the students have settled into their new classrom amazingly as well a coping with the the change of moving to a new building.  The day starts with a form of physical exercise (Paul Eugene and the Golden Mile around the FE Centre are particular favourites!) to get their bodies moving and wake up their brains ready for the day.


The students work very hard on numeracy and literacy skills.  In numeracy, they learn about time, money, shapes, measuring and addition/subtraction. Numicon, multilink and number lines are used to support work with little adult support. The numeracy and money skills are applied by going shopping for our snack weekly.


In literacy, they work on phonics, combining literacy, ICT and topic to create PowerPoint fact files relating to termly topics and developing reading comprehension skills.


Cello class use these literacy and numeracy skills and apply them functionally to develop their independence in the kitchen whilst receiving any support from adults!!


The students in Cello class thrive in physical activity so enjoy taking a couple of balls to a local field to kick about and work on football skills.  They also enjoy weekly badminton or swimming lessons.