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Cello Class

Welcome to Cello Class!

Cello class is a KS4 class.  The students have settled into their new classroom amazingly as well as coping with the change of moving to a new building.  The day starts with a form of physical exercise in the local field or in the classroom to get their bodies moving and wake up their brains ready for the day. The students in Cello class thrive in physical activity so enjoy taking a couple of balls, skipping ropes, badminton rackets and shuttlecocks to the local field as well as everyone's favourite -  the speaker for music.  They also enjoy swimming lessons on Thursday afternoons.  


The students work very hard on numeracy and literacy skills.  In numeracy, they learn about time, money, shapes, measuring and addition/subtraction. Numicon, Dienes cubes, number lines and the 100 square are used to support work with adult support. The numeracy and money skills are applied by going shopping weekly for cooking ingredients. 


In literacy, they work on phonics, combining literacy, ICT and topic to create PowerPoint fact files relating to termly topics and developing reading comprehension skills. 


Cello class use these literacy and numeracy skills and apply them functionally to develop their independence with verbal prompts.  


Autumn Term

Cello class is enjoying their new topic called ‘The World On My Plate!’ They have sorted different fruits to show whether they are grown in the UK or abroad and have discovered that many countries can grow apples and pears. They have tasted different fruit, the most popular of which was pineapple and the least popular was lemon—no surprises there then! 


Each week they have learnt about a different country, including England, Hungary, Australia, Portugal and Poland. Some of our students really enjoyed sharing traditions, food and recipes about the country where their parents are from.


In cookery they made apple crumble, Hungarian potato pancake, Australian Anzac biscuits, Portuguese sponge cake and Polish Poppy seed cake. In Topic, they learnt about Australian and Polish animals.


In Art they have designed Portuguese tiles and houses and decorated a boomerang with aboriginal patterns. They also enjoy learning the moves of each country’s folk dance.


In reading comprehension they have been learning interesting facts about each country and they learn to write different types of sentences about them.