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"The broad range of subjects and topics meets students' needs and abilities extremely well.  A very high quality curriculum which includes residential visits, links with schools at home and abroad, and local visits, help students to really enjoy school.  As a result they attend regularly and work hard"  Ofsted 



What are we trying to achieve?

  • A broad and balanced curriculum
  • A spiral curriculum
  • Progression in learning
  • Maximum opportunities for our students learn and develop
  • Curriculum Pathways which meet the individual needs of our students  (pre-formal/sensory/ EYFS, Semi-formal, Formal)

Why are we doing it?




  • To deliver a curriculum that meets the individual needs of our students
  • To provide a curriculum that is an engaging vehicle in which our students can work towards their Personal Learning Goals (Personal, Physical, Independence, Cognitive & Communication)
  • To build on previous learning, deepen understanding and apply to new contexts


How are we going to do it?

  • A new structured time table, with dedicated times for each curriculum area
  • Monitoring of teaching and learning by Curriculum Leaders and AHT for Curriculum and Assessment, using Evidence For Learning and moderation sessions
  • Curriculum Development Plans written and lead by Curriculum leads, which also feed into the School Development Plan
  • Curriculum leads delivering whole school training through our morning training sessions
  • Shared planning in departments (Lower & Upper School teachers planning collaboratively)
  • Assessment frameworks relevant to the individual curriculum pathways (Routes For Learning, EYFS, Routes To Maths/Reading/Writing, Pre National Curriculum Maths/Reading/Writing, National Curriculum English & Maths
  • Introduction of additional frameworks: Independence, Physical, Communication and PSHE







A wide range of reading materials are used as appropriate to meet individual needs.  We use 'Essential Letters and Sounds' for teaching phonics.